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January 2024
Why Mobile Physiotherapy?


Many paediatric physios offer mobile services. At Sunny Kids Physio, we travel to children's homes, schools, local parks and pools, hospitals and community centres throughout Sydney. 


Children often have goals like being able to ride a bike or to be able to play at the playground. Offering mobile appointments means that we can practise swimming at a swimming pool, rather than doing 'simulated activities' in a clinic. 


Some children have goals around school and learning. Being able to travel allows us to go to their school to meet their teachers and discuss their needs.


Others have goals around safety, so we can conduct thorough on-site safety assessments instead of just relying on photos. 


Some children have regular follow-up appts at the hospital, so being able to attend helps bridge the gap between medical teams and community care.

Mobile appointments help limit the ‘transitions’ that can be tricky for autistic children. Some children with anxiety, OCD and trauma backgrounds can often appreciate being in the ‘safe-space’ of their familiar home. They  can also make morning routines easier for those with limited mobility (eg our little ones in wheelchairs).

Raising children can be hard enough, especially if they have differing needs. By travelling to appointments, Sunny Kids Physiotherapy hopes to make regular therapy easier for families and more integrated into the child's life.


Finally, we bring all of the equipment that we use, so you don’t need anything special to get started.


(and of course, for our friends and family in hard to reach places, we offer online Telehealth Services too!).

Mitch Rawson

14th January, 2024

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